05 Dec 2007, 10:49

Kopete-OTR Plugin for Debian lenny


This is probably my first english post.

When using GAIM/Pidgin I got used to the OTR Plugin which I really like because Mr. Schäuble, the german minister of the interior, likes to wiretap innocent citizen. When using an encryption plugin like OTR you retain at least a bit privacy.

The problem when I did switch my primary desktop environment from GNOME to KDE was that KDE’s Instant Messenger - which I also like a lot - doesn’t support OTR. There is a OTR plugin somewhere but I couldn’t find a debian package thats installable on my system. The packages were either not for Debian at all (Ubuntu) or for Unstable which is bad since I’m running lenny (testing).

The solution was to fetch myself the sources of the Unstable-Package from this place and recompile it for lenny.

The packages here are provided for your convenience, I make no promises whatsoever. If they work for you -> great, if they don’t -> don’t complain to me.

Download Kopete-OTR 0.7-1 for Debian lenny (i386) here.