26 Jun 2008, 19:14

Firefox 3 keeps switching to offline mode


Since I’ve installed the final release of Firefox 3 on my Debian “lenny” system there is this annoying bug, that Firefox keeps switching to offline mode all the time, i.e. when I close it.

After some searching I found out that there are others who have the same problem and that this is a “feature” related to an application called “Network Manager”. Altough Network Manager is installed - I can’t tell why - I did never use it. So why does Firefox keeps annoying me? I don’t want to click on “File -> Work Offline” everytime I start Firefox to get access to the Internet. If you experience the same problem and wan’t to check if it is NM’s fault then run this command in a terminal and see if you get a result of “3” (which means that NM thinks you are online) or “4” (which means offline).

A developer claimed that setting “toolkit.networkmanager.disable” to true would cause Firefox to stop this behavior, I’ll try it out … Nope, doesn’t work. Only completly removing NetworkManager helps.