20 Oct 2008, 15:51



Since I got a Fritz!Box as my Home-Router, the good old Linksys WRT54G just lay in the corner and settled dust. Is became aware of OpenWRT a long time ago, but I didn’t take the time to try it out. One reason was that I didn’t want to loose the comfortable web GUI for configuration internet access. Today I finally got the latest release of OpenWRT (Kamikaze 7.09).

The installation of the OpenWRT Firmware was quiete easy. At first I did backup my old router configuration in the Webinterface, then I did an Firmware Upgrade, also from the Webinterface. After the firmware was uploaded the router took about one or two minutes to reboot and did then respond to pings on Note: If you already have a device using the address on the network, you’d better connect the WRT54 directly to your pc.

The documentation for OpenWRT is quite scattered around the wiki. Probably the first page to look at is the page about configuring Kamikaze. One thing that confused me at frist was how I could log in to the router after the upgrade. Since OpenWRT, by default, doesn’t offer a webinterface and I couldn’t find a default password for SSH I was curios how to log in. The solution is fairly simple: Just connect via telnet, set a root password and the log in via SSH. If you want to change the ip address, go to /etc/config/network and change the address of the “br-lan” interface. You should also add a default gateway and an DNS server, in case your router isn’t going to be connected over his wan interface.