02 Nov 2008, 13:25

DCOP Trouble


DCOP is the former desktop communication (IPC) protokol of KDE before version 4. Several legacy applications still use DCOP, e.g. Amarok. Sometime Amarok told me that the dcopserver was not available. I didn’t care, but soon I found out that amarok kept spamming my .xsession-errors. This flodded my home partition in a few minutes and rendered the desktop unuseable. The solution was to fix DCOP. DCOPserver didn’t start because of stale files in /tmp. I did try to delete the content of /tmp, but rm wouldn’t let me do so because there were stale NFS references. Although I don’t use NFS at all. I didn’t want to waste time on this issue and just re-created the filesystem on my /tmp partition. Now everything is working fine again.