01 Jun 2009, 17:55

Synchronizing Amarok and Rhythmbox Metadata


Sometimes the world is cruel. Although most of the applications I use from day to day are open source its not easy to exchange metadata between those programs. Sometimes I switch my music player. Usually I switch between Amarok and Rhythmbox. But since I heavily rely on the Metadata, especially my song ratings, this can get very frustrating. Most of the metadata is stored within the MP3 files but the most important ones are not. After some searching around it looked like there is no proper solution to synchronize the metadata of my favourite music players. There are some approaches to import the music library from iTunes but it looks like nobody did ever want to do a two-way synchronization between Amarok and Rhythmbox.

After looking at the metadata formats (XML for Rhytmbox, MySQL for Amarok) I did start my own synchronization script. Right now it is working but needs some more polishing or it could eat your kittens.

Grab the script from Bifröst.