24 Feb 2010, 21:50

DS18S20: CRC Error


I just got me some DS18S20 (1-wire Temperature sensors) and a DS2940 (1-wire to USB adapter). The first two did work like a charm, but the third one gave me CRC errors.

CRC Failed. CRC is 63 instead of 0x00
The reason was just that, after running the first two for a while, I did just disconnect them and attached the thrid one. My mistake was not to delete/re-initialize the .digitemprc. After moving the .digitemprc out of the way and re-initializing the new one the thrid one did also work.

Show all devices on the 1-wire bus:

digitemp_DS2490 -sUSB -w
Initialize the .digitemprc:
digitemp_DS2490 -sUSB -i
Read all sensors:
digitemp -sUSB -a -r750
Thanks to Marc for the hint.

Some usefull links:

Here are some pictures of my 1-wire bus: