23 Jun 2010, 11:51

Speedport W722V - Features? We ain't need no Features!


Dear Deutsche Telekom, I’ve just got to love your great CPE products. The Speedport W722V ist a great product, a impressive piece of german engineering! It provides lots and lots of usefull features. For example you can us it as a doorstop, paperweight or to prettify your home.

But the point is: It is absolutely useless as a Internet-Router for me! It doesn’t allow incoming ICMP (Ping), it got no internal S0 (ISDN) Bus and it doesn’t allow VPN-Passthrough (GRE, Protocol 21). I even suspect it to have a severely broken QoS, but I can’t proof that right now. And this is only after a few days of playing around with this device. Not to think of what I’d find if I gave it some more time.

Die Konfiguration unserer Speedports ist auf Einfachheit getrimmt. Der Reichtum an einstellbaren Funktionen und Konfigurationsoptionen ist nicht das Ziel der Entwicklung, eher schon eine Reduktion auf das Wesentliche.
[Telekom Team @ T-Online Foren]

The quote says that they aim for simplicity and not for features, and they’re good at it. Very good. This device is so simplistic that it is basically useless for all but the most basic users.

I’ll look for a better CPE and try to return this device as soon as possible. Maybe they find somebody who can make better use of it than me.

Update: It looks like the Speedport is killing long running connections after a while (a few hours at most). I’ve heard about that one … that’s very disappointing when working over SSH.