30 Nov 2010, 11:58

VBoxAdm - Management-GUI for Postfix and Dovecot


Last weekend I’ve released a new web-based management GUI for Mailservers running Postfix and Dovecot. It is called VBoxAdm.

Its features:

  • All-in-one mailserver solution
  • written in Perl (despite some tiny bits of PHP for the Roundcube integration)
  • MySQL Backend
  • Sane Database schema, w/ normalized tables
  • Roundcube integration which allows users to change their vacation messages and passwords
  • ships with its own Anti-Spam Proxy (no need for AMAViS, SpamPD or others)
  • and vacation auto-responder (RFC 3834 compliant)
You can grab it directly from here or get to its page for more details and some more screenshots.

Please beware, this is ALPHA quality code. Don’t use it in production yet. Some parts of the application haven’t even been tested partly. But the code ist more or less complete so besides testing and minor fixes it is in pretty good shape.

There are still some issues on my Todo list, most important is the password issue as well as localization and the ability to export the data to CSV and/or XML.

Before anyone yells at me: The design (CSS) is a complete ripoff of Postfix.Admin, but since both apps are open source (GPL2+) and I give full credit to Postfix.Admin, I think that’ll be ok. The reason for that is that, while investigating web-based management solutions for Postfix, I stumbled over Postfix.Admin but were rather unsatisfied with some of its features (Language its written in, Database Layout). So I’ve started my own. Since I was very happy with their design and I’m pretty bad at webdesign I’ve just borrowed most of their CSS.

Trivia: Somehow the (german) Admin-Magazin wrote about it before I did. Kudos.